Take Care of YOUrself

Take Care of YOUrself

August 20, 2017



I am thrilled to be a part of this months Let’s Talk Motherhood Series! This series is a collaboration to connect, encourage, share, and relate with other moms. We will all be discussing our different perspectives on the oh-so-important topic of self care. All of their Instagram accounts and blogs are linked below so please check these beautiful and wise women out!

My life as a first-time mom has been nothing short of an adventure, full of surprises, heartaches, lessons, and most of all, JOY. This unexpected journey has taught me a lot about myself and how crucial it is to take time to take care of YOU! Here is my personal perspective on self care as a mom:

1. Has your view on self care changed since becoming a parent? If yes, how?

100% YES. I don’t think I ever understood what self care really is until I became a mom. Looking back on my life before becoming a mom, it seems like all I ever did could be labeled as self care now. Then I became a mom to a baby girl with a rare, life-threatening condition and all of my freedoms that I thought I was still going to have were taken away out of fear of endangering my little girl’s life if I wasn’t by her side 24/7. I learned the hard way how important self care truly is.  Something as simple as driving through Starbucks, which I used to do nearly every day before work, is now an escape for me! It’s the little things, they are so easy to take for granted, things you never ever thought would ever mean anything to you.

2. How do you make time for self care as a mom?

It’s still very hard for me to take time for myself. In my little world of motherhood and rare disease, it takes a lot of planning to be able to escape and spend time alone or with others. Since Riley is still in the recovery phase of her Stem Cell Transplant, and still in protective isolation, going out into the public is still a scary and hard thing for me. BUT, it is necessary, as I stated above – I learned that the hard way. I was so scared to take time for myself, it caused me to be in such a poor mental and physical state. The turning point for me was the day I had such severe pain, it forced me to go to the Emergency Room, having no choice but to leave Riley with my mom until my husband could come take over, something I had never done before. Since that awful experience, I now try to make time every weekend to get out of the house, Riley and Jared get some quality time together, and I get to do something for myself. It’s a win-win!

3. What are your favorite ways to practice self care?

My favorite way to practice self care right now is to just simply get outside. Go on a hike or down to the beach, take in the fresh air and the beautiful sights. Having been in the hospital with my daughter for a couple of months and isolation all 19 months of her life, anytime I can get outside of these walls is such cherished time. It leaves me feeling so refreshed and ready to get back to my little love. Another way is to meet my sisters or best friends at a favorite coffee shop for some good conversation and a sweet treat.

4. How do you overcome ‘mom guilt’ when you do take a few minutes to yourself?

Mom guilt is so real! With all that I have experienced since becoming a mom, feeling guilt for not being there and dwelling on “what if’s” can really consume you and rob you of taking time to care for yourself. The one thought that helps me to overcome “mom guilt” is how can I possibly be fully present and keep my child and family healthy, if I can’t even do that for myself. If my mental and physical health are suffering, that will eventually transfer over to my marriage and my child and that is just not an option! To be present for and take care of the ones you love, you first have to take care of yourself. IT IS SO IMPORTANT!

5. What advice would you give to moms that struggle with practicing self care?

It is OK to need a break and take time for yourself. It is OK to ask for help. Do not let anyone tell you that you are being selfish for taking care of yourself. Don’t believe that lie! We all experience “mom guilt”, some more than others. Self care looks different for everyone, maybe for you it’s reading a book, arts and crafts, cleaning in silence, going to the mall. I promise, you need it more than you think you do. You will be better for it, and so will your family and friends.



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