This was Riley’s first time being allowed to run around outside and it was just the sweetest thing!!! She still isn’t allowed to just freely play in the grass or really touch anything outside so we were nervous and had to keep a close eye on her BUT it was still SO MUCH FUN! She loved every minute of it, she loved the sparklers and just all of the new sights to see not being in her bubble. She saw a Roly Poly, ran around pointing out every leaf and crack on the ground, and wanted to grab sparklers out of Jared’s hands. She was as happy as can be!

After our mini outdoor adventure we hopped in the car and watched the Disneyland fireworks from the side of the road, we had the best view of them! Riley fell asleep on our drive over there but woke up for the last couple of minutes of the show and was in awe of them! She kept wondering where they went after they faded. So cute! I can’t even tell you how good it felt to do something somewhat normal with her! Such sweet moments to cherish forever!

As for Riley’s blood work, I just received a call from her team at CHLA and got some good news! Her T-cell count has improved! She has gone from 30 to 127!! Such a good improvement over the last month, I am so thrilled to see this! Now, this is STILL so far from a normal count, she still has a lot of cell growing to do but this is just an incredible increase in 4 weeks – not much longer and she’ll be rolling in the grass with a her very own puppy dog 🙂 CAN’T WAIT!


  • Zhade

    Oh I could just eat her up!!! Such a happy little thing! Prayer her counts continue to climb!!!
    Oh and your husbands socks are awesome!!

  • Ann

    It’s so encouraging to read about what the Lord is doing in your life, and through you! Riley is SO cute! She reminds me of one of my precious home care patients (I’m a peds home care RN) who has painted on the wall above his crib John 9:3b, “but that the works of God might be displayed in him.”

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